KRA Team Building is Functional…and Fun

How did eight individuals, whose performance was being both surveilled and timed, reach one conclusion to solve a problem that affected all of them? Well, according to Wenda Harbour, Chief, KRA Corporate Administration, the answer was teamwork!

“Recently, KRA staff from our Accounting and Finance, Administration, and Human Resources departments tested our collaborative problem-solving skills in a Breakout Baltimore Escape Room activity, Operation: Casino. We deciphered codes; followed clues, diagrams, and maps; rolled dice, spun wheels, and calculated winnings; and solved puzzles to mutually conclude “Who Dunnit!” to win our freedom!

I believe the challenge was to apply the skills we use every day—making decisions, resolving problems, setting and accomplishing goals—on an individual basis to a singularly focused team basis. For our group, encouragement, respect, and support for each another’s ideas quickly became the operative behaviors during the exercise.”

operation casino 498 ixelsKRA believes that improved team performance results in many benefits for our employees, our clients, and our customers. Structured team-building activities can be fun, and still provide high-impact learning, improve communication skills, and increase job-satisfaction and morale.

“Escapees” in photo L-R: Patrick Boxall, VP & COO; Patricia Velasques-Jones, Payroll Administrator; Michelle Brown, Staff Accountant; Harbour; Crystal Cumbo-Montague, Director HR; Silvia Singh, Associate Accountant; Mark Pannell, Senior Project Accountant; and Knowlton R. Atterbeary, President & CEO.


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