Workforce Development Clients

As a trusted partner to city, county, and regional workforce-services funding organizations across the country, KRA Corporation’s outcomes-driven models leverage resources and relationships to build programmatic innovations and strengthen area economies.

We provide a comprehensive array of Business and Career Services for our employer- and jobseeker-customers through American Job Centers/One Stop Career Centers and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs.  KRA also offers services targeted for Special Need Populations, including ex-offenders, individuals with disabilities, older workers, homeless jobseekers, and veterans.

Check out selected profiles of KRA-operated WIOA and TANF programs, from coast-to-coast:

Alameda County, California

The Alameda County Business Development Group (BDG) provides a full scope of business services to promote the profitability, hiring, and general growth needs of businesses in the County. Funded by the Alameda County Workforce Development Board, the BDG collaborates with County and other community partners to promote a broad range of education, training, employment, and business-retention services.  The BDG uses a holistic consultative approach to assess employers’ business-development needs, and coordinates access to the resources necessary to sustain and/or expand their operations in a competitive, productive, and strategic manner.

Long Beach, California

The Pacific Gateway Workforce Development Board (PGWDB), in partnership with the City of Long Beach, funds the Knowledge2Careers (K2C) Academy, a comprehensive Out-of-School Program for older youth, 17-21. K2C equips young customers to qualify for high-demand occupations within the Long Beach labor-market demographic, offering individualized assessment, career guidance, and mentoring; academic remediation and preparation for post-secondary education; civic leadership development; and financial literary. In addition to paid work experience and internships, workforce-readiness services include innovative occupational skills training linked directly to national, industry-recognized credentialing in Manufacturing and Logistics, Microsoft Office, and Retail and Customer Sales and Service. All enrolled youth are also eligible to receive the National Work Readiness Certification offered through the PGWDB.

San Diego, California

Funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, the Metro Region Career Centers, part of the American Job Centers (AJC) of California network, provide comprehensive workforce-readiness services for Adult/Dislocated Workers. Employers are provided a full range of recruitment, screening, placement, and retention services, as well as the opportunity for customized On-the-Job Training/Occupational Skills Training (OJT/OST) Programs to prepare workers for targeted, sustainable employment. This operation was one of 10 sites nationwide that piloted the Platform-To-Employment Program, the result of which was 85% job-placement for long-term unemployed participants. Leveraging new technologies, San Diego was chosen by KRA to pilot Apploi, an Internet-based resource that connects jobseekers with employment opportunities in the community.

Greater Hartford, Connecticut

This 37-town, multi-site CTWorks/AJC, funded by Capital Workforce Partners, offers an extensive array of services, including a One-Stop Career Center operation for Adult Workers; a FIRST (Focused Intensive Reemployment Success Training) Program for Dislocated Workers; and a NEG (National Emergency Grant) initiative for workers displaced by specific companies in the Region. Services for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients include EAGER (Educate and Accomplish Goals for Employment Readiness), part of the Jobs First Employment Services Program. Special Need Populations benefit from Freed to Succeed Retention Program for Ex-Offenders, Disability Employment Services, and Ticket-to-Work for SSI recipients.

Washington, District of Columbia

Residents who receive public-assistance benefits are eligible for two comprehensive TANF Employment Programs (TEP), funded by the Department of Human Services. For Metro-area employers, Job Development and Placement Services support customers–who are ready to enter the workforce–through career planning, wraparound case management, job placement, and follow-up. Work Readiness and Placement Services provide all resources described above, with the addition of Community Work Experience (CWE) opportunities and GED preparation. Through TAPIT (Tuition Assistance Program Initiative for TANF), both TEPs offer up to $4K a year to support customers who enroll in 2- and 4-year college-degree programs.

Miami-Dade County, Florida

Funded by the South Florida WIB, the multi-site CareerSource/AJC operation provides workforce development services that align the hiring requirements of area employers with the skills and abilities of local jobseekers. CareerSource serves WIOA-eligible Adult/Dislocated Workers, as well as general and Special Need Populations through Welfare Transition, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Veterans Employment and Training, and Re-Employment Eligibility Assessment. Through Community Workforce Services, which includes both paid and unpaid CWE, and other business-engagement resources, CareerSource provides employers customized recruitment solutions to connect them with the area’s top workforce talent.

Lake Cumberland Area, Kentucky

The Youth Services Program (YSP), covering seven counties in South Central Kentucky, includes an In-School Youth/Out-of-School Youth (ISY/OSY) operation, providing workforce- and youth-development services, with an emphasis on student placement in employment and/or enrollment in colleges or technical schools. A Summer Jobs Program, part of the WorkNow Kentucky Initiative, places more than 15% of the high school juniors and seniors in the catchment area in jobs developed with area Construction, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail employers, as well as local school systems, non-profits, and government agencies.

Louisville, Kentucky

The KENTUCKIANAWORKS Spectrum Center Program focuses on enhancing the job skills, training, career development, and educational enrichment of ISY/OSY in Louisville’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. A consortium, which includes the Louisville Community Initiative, the Metropolitan YMCA, Jefferson Community College, and Jefferson Technical College, oversees the management of the Program, which is strategically connected to area employers, offering businesses a variety of ways to become engaged by providing meaningful job-training and placement opportunities.

Baltimore, Maryland

Funded by the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, the Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program offers jobseekers receiving TANF benefits a wide range of workforce-service activities, including comprehensive assessments, job-preparation workshops, unsubsidized CWE opportunities, and job-placement and follow-up. To benefit area employers, the Program also screens and provides OST candidates for the in-demand fields of Healthcare, Information Technology, Tourism & Hospitality, and Early Childhood Development.

Prince George’s County, Maryland

For jobseekers applying for, or already receiving, TANF or SNAP benefits, PGWorks–funded by the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services–provides career guidance and case management, work-readiness assessment, and CWE opportunities. Area employers benefit through targeted recruitment and screening, job placement, and intensive follow-up. A Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program provides assistance for those struggling to meet child-support obligations due to lack of employment, and the Job-Readiness Academy, FUSE (Focus on Utilizing Self-Sufficient Energy), capitalizes on customers’ abilities, interests, and skills, incorporating them into an Individual Responsibility Plan for workforce success.

Camden, New Jersey

Funded by the Camden County Workforce Investment Board, the Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program is of great benefit to area businesses, as jobseekers from four distinct programs receive training, screening, referral, and follow-up based on the requirements of individual employers. For TANF recipients, Community Work Experience/Job Skills Training (CWE/JST) provides assessment, career coaching, job-readiness/life-skills training, and job-placement and follow-up; General Assistance provides CWE/JST for individuals who do not have children in their care; Open Entry serves jobseekers who have been sanctioned for previous TANF non-compliance issues; and for Disconnected Youth, the Youth Employability and Success (YES) Program provides GED preparation, as well as certification training in Microsoft Digital Literacy and Hospitality Services.

New York, New York

The Dental Assistant Training Program introduces OSY students to the clinical and administrative aspects of the duties and responsibilities required to succeed in dental-assisting. Preparing students for this sector of the Allied Health job market, clinical training includes general anatomy, tooth identification, patient care, chair-side assisting techniques, dental radiology, office emergency procedures, CPR, and preventive dentistry. Administrative training includes basic computer skills, customer service, office inventory, records management, communication, and business ethics. Partnerships are formed with local Dentists to provide students with entry-level internship opportunities, and Program graduates are eligible for Certified Dental Assistant credentialing.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A comprehensive Workforce Development Program encompasses three basic sets of services. One set serves TANF recipients transitioning to work, and includes a city-wide Single Point of Contact Work+ Program for jobseekers who have been receiving benefits for 60+ months. Another set, the Employment Advancement and Retention Network Program develops partnerships with employers and delivers One-Stop Career Center services to jobseekers residing in two specific-area communities. The third set offers OST opportunities in Phlebotomy Technician and Dental Assistant to prepare candidates for globally-recognized certification, qualifying them for a variety of entry-level positions in the Allied Health Industry.

Lower Savannah, South Carolina

This Youth Services Program offers young jobseekers, facing significant challenges in gaining employment, a cadre of case management; individual/group career counseling and planning; short-term, pre-vocational development; and formal employability and work-maturity skills opportunities. Local public- and private-sector employers are engaged to develop jobs and/or specialized training opportunities, including apprenticeships, OJT/OST, and/or Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Waccamaw Region, South Carolina

Covering an extensive tri-county area, the multi-site SCWorks Career Center operation provides comprehensive workforce services for Adult/Dislocated Workers. Adhering to a sector-driven, job-placement strategy, services include recruitment, screening, referral, placement, and retention follow-up tailored to the needs of private businesses in high-growth industries, as well as local, public-sector employers. An ISY/OSY Program focuses on work-readiness through basic-skills assessment and remediation, GED preparation, job application and interviewing skills, and career counseling.

Greater Richmond, Virginia

Three multi-service One-Stop Career Centers provide Adult/Dislocated Workers with career counseling; instructional job-search workshops; interest, aptitude, and personality assessment; OJT/OST development; and job-referral, placement, and follow-up retention services. For employer-customers, the One-Stops employ a sector-driven strategy , targeting local businesses in the Transportation and Warehousing; Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; Healthcare; and Advanced Manufacturing industries.

Norfolk, Virginia

For jobseekers receiving TANF benefits, the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) Program, funded by the Norfolk Department of Human Services, provides career counseling, case management; OST through local colleges and vocational institutes, in-house GED preparation, CWE opportunities, and job placement and retention services. VIEW is routinely recognized for its stellar Work Participation Rate by the Virginia Full Employment Program, a customized OJT initiative under which local employers define their workforce needs and VIEW provides referral of qualified candidates to meet those needs.

South Hampton Roads, Virginia

A comprehensive year-round ISY/OSY Program targets and empowers at-risk, disadvantaged students facing significant barriers to employment by introducing them to various career and educational options, and equipping them with the skills to find and maintain meaningful employment or higher education opportunities. To benefit area employers that are engaged to provide job opportunities, career counseling and workplace-readiness services include interest, math, and reading assessment; application and resume preparation; and interviewing skills. An impressive number of Program graduates go on to 2- and 4-year colleges and technical/trade schools.