Other Federal and State Clients

KRA Corporation possesses a wealth of experience partnering with non-labor, public-sector clients to advance the goals and objectives of their mandated missions.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Food and Nutrition Service

Reduction of Payment Errors in Food Stamp Program

Evaluated State grants to identify the most effective strategies for reducing Food Stamp Program payment errors, as well as the cost-effectiveness and replicability of the strategies.

National Food Safety Symposium

Provided a full range of administrative, logistical, management, and documentation support services for a 3-day conference for 200 participants.

National Conference on Food Store Access

This 2-day meeting for 250 focused on the extent to which insufficient access to food stores affects low-income citizens. Provided pre-, on-site, and post-conference logistical services, including recording, transcribing, and distributing proceedings.

Getting More Mileage from FNS Research

Conducted research in four major categories: Research Tools: Options and Improved Use; Technical Support for Food Stamp Welfare Reform Evaluations; Implementation of GPRA; and Supplemental Food Program for WIC Project Grants Technical Assistance.

National Nutrition Education Conference

Provided pre-, on-site, and post-conference administrative, logistical, and management support services for a 3-day conference for 200 participants.

Reaching the Working Poor and Poor Elderly

Analyzed data; conducted focus groups; and designed, tested, and refined survey instruments to Investigate why the poor elderly and working poor were less likely to participate in the Food Stamp Program.

U.S. Department of Education

National School To Work Office

STW Resource Bank of Technical Assistance Providers

As a charter member of the Resource Bank, upon request, provided immediate, strategic, customer-driven TA to States that had received STW Implementation Grants.

Technical Assistance and Reports for STW Issues

Convened a roundtable of evaluation and STW experts to provide ED and DOL with advice on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches to determining the impact of STW initiatives on students.

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

National Rehabilitation Information Center

Operated and managed NARIC, responding to thousands of requests, monthly, via e-mail, database searches, and website resources, as well as USPS mail, toll-free and text-telephone numbers, and walk-ins. Designed several award-winning websites.

Office of Educational Research and Improvement National Library of Education

Technical Library Services

Provided staff on-site to catalog/re-catalog records following AACRII rules; updated, modified, and created records; performed on-line searches; and managed/maintained databases for ED, Congress, State Boards of Education, universities and schools.

Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Model Alternatives Data Collection, Education Programs for Expelled Students

Explored programs in three areas–Finding Alternatives to Expulsion, Removing Weapons from Schools, and Engaging OSY to Return to the Classroom–to identify promising education practices and approaches to address youth violence in schools.

U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Information Administration

Data Collection Support Services – Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric, and Alternate Fuels

Collected, analyzed, and disseminated CNEAF statistics, developed operational procedures and information packets, conducted analytical studies in specialized data-processing interpretation areas, designed and developed databases, and prepared reports.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Administration for Children and Families

Office of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities

Provided full range of logistical and publications services for annual ADD Commissioner Forums. As required, translated materials into Braille; engaged sign-language interpreters; equipped rooms with Strobe-lighting; and arranged for customized travel.

Multi-Cultural Committee Planning Meetings, ADD Headquarters/Regional Meetings, and Parent Forums

Planned, conducted, and reported on numerous local and regional meetings, which ADD presented as venues for open discussion and consensus-building on the basic issue of institutionalization vs. community emersion of children and youth with Developmental Disabilities (DD).

Analysis of ADD State Grants Formula

Conducted a study of ADD State formula-grant programs; State Developmental Disabilities (DD) Councils involved in planning, advocacy, and demonstration projects; and State Protection and Advocacy systems for individuals with DD.

National Information Center on Developmental Disabilities

Managed the NICDD, an Internet-based “e-source” operation, responding to requests from the general public and agencies, grantees, and professionals involved in developing and implementing DD services.

DD Program Resources Management Project

For performance in operating the Project, received the Secretary’s Outstanding Distinguished Services Award for citizen-centered customer service in responding to requests for DD information, and for creating an Electronic Data Submission system.

Developing Evaluation Models and Manuals

After conducting effective evaluations of demonstration-program implementation and outcomes, developed: Program Manager’s Guide to Evaluation and four manuals that tailored evaluation information to the unique demographic needs of each program unit.

Food and Drug Administration

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

Adverse Drug Information

Supported post-market surveillance of drug and biologic products: provided MIS and pharmaceutical-analysis services, analyzed and processed adverse-drug experience reports and pharmaceutical reviews, developed tracking systems, entered data, and performed QC of coded information.

Consumer Cosmetics Adverse Reaction Reporting Program

Developed a hotline-system for consumers to quickly and easily report adverse reactions to cosmetics; conducted public outreach; and developed strategies for maximizing consumer awareness through audio, video, and printed promotions.

Drug Establishment and Drug Listing Processing Services

To maintain ORACLE databases of pharmaceutical establishments that manufacture and distribute prescription, OTC, and homeopathic drugs, provided technical, and information- processing services and pharmaceutical-records management.

Center for Devices and Radiological Health

Document Control Centers

Received the CDRH Director’s Special Citation for Sustained Superior Performance for operation of the DCCs, which ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical devices sold in the U.S., and the elimination of unnecessary human exposure to radiation from medical, industrial, and consumer products.

CDRH Global Harmonization Task Force Meeting

Provided logistics and travel support for this 6-day meeting, bringing together representatives from around the world to collaborate and share new ideas and strategies, and to promote global resource-sharing within health-related fields.

Logistical and Administrative Services for CDRH

For four established committees and 16 committee panels, as well as quarterly public advisory meetings, provided administrative, logistical, and management services for 150 events, from 1-to-2 days duration, for 5-to-35 members and 100 observers.

Registration and Listing of Device Establishment Program

Provided information-management and records-processing support services: received, analyzed, and processed registration and listing forms submitted by manufacturers to ensure that medical devices were safe and effective.

Health Resources and Services Administration

HMO Staffing Strategies in Underserved Areas

Contributed to the development of study products, conducting 18 site visits to explore strategies used by HMOs to secure services with primary-care personnel to care for the Medicaid populations they have contracted to serve.

National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect

Emergency Family Prevention and Support Program Grantees

Provided technical assistance to NCCAN-funded demonstration grantees serving families with coexisting problems of child abuse and neglect and substance abuse.

Evaluation of Emergency Prevention Services Projects

Conducted a process evaluation through site-visiting 49 NCCAN-funded demonstration projects, interviewing Project Administrators and staff, reviewing each project’s third-party evaluation report, and synthesizing client-outcome information for all projects.

Evaluation of Home-Based Services Programs for Runaway Youth

Designed and implemented both process and impact evaluations of five demonstration projects developed by grantees that were funded to implement model programs for home-based services for runaway youth and their families.

Office of Minority Health

Office of Minority Health Resource Center

For Federal/State agencies, CBOs, consumers, health professionals, and other minority-health stakeholder-users, operated the OMHRC, a national resource and referral service, which collects, maintains, and distributes information, publications, and resources on a wide range of health topics that disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minorities.

Office of Refugee Resettlement

State Legalization Impact Assistance Grants Program

Supported the implementation of provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act SLIAG Program, which provided reimbursement to State grantees for costs incurred in serving eligible legal aliens.

President’s Committee on Mental Retardation

National Strategy Conference

Provided pre-, onsite, and post-conference support for 200 attendees, including PCMR Advisory Panel members; developed the agenda; provided graphics and production support; and coordinated preparation of The Annual Report to the President.

National Institutes of Health

IT Acquisition, Assessment, and Support Center

Provided onsite services to NIH clients: database and software development; documentation management, maintenance, and integration; Help Desk assistance; technology assessment and training; and LAN, computer, and “NIHnet” networking.

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Protocol and Information Office

For Health and IT professionals, operated the PIO, a central information hub for CTEP, which ensures that protocols for investigational cancer drugs are monitored within applicable guidelines and regulations.

Transfer of Defense, Intelligence, and Space Technologies for Early Detection and Control of Cancers in Women

Sponsored by NCI and co-sponsored by the DOD, CIA, and NASA, this 3-day Workshop for 300 participants, focused on practical technology-transfer issues for private- and public-sector stakeholders.

National Center for Research Resources

Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions (RIMI) Program

Conducted two-phase evaluation: first, developed the evaluation design and pilot tested the design methodology, and then, conducted case studies at RIMI sites, interviewing staff, students, and other stakeholders involved in grant implementation.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

NHLBI Short-Term Training Program

Evaluated the effectiveness of the NSTTP, which exposed undergraduate and graduate minority students to opportunities in heart, lung, and blood research; attracted qualified minority students to biomedical and behavioral research careers; and alleviated the shortage of minority researchers in the biomedical field.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Conference, Administrative, and Travel Support Services

For the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and the Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, provided comprehensive administrative, logistical, and professional support services for convening domestic and foreign meetings, and developing, translating, and distributing documents, materials, and reports.

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

Stepping Away From OA: Prevention of Onset, Progression, and Disability of Osteoarthritis

Provided administrative, logistical, and travel management services for this Conference, which attracted 500+ private- and public-sector representatives, including educators, health care providers, patients, and researchers.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Minority Access to Research Careers Honors Undergraduate Research Training Program

For MARC, which provides colleges and universities with grants to support minorities engaged in biomedical research, co-conducted a study to assess the educational and career progress of MARC graduates.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Technical and Resource Support Services

Supported NINDS neurological science research and training programs, in seven areas: clinical trials; automated data systems; conferences and workshops; grants management; inquiry response and information/publications dissemination; graphics design/development; and writing, editing, and document preparation.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Application Development and Information Technology

Provided a comprehensive range of database design, development, and maintenance, and programming services.

Office of Research on Women’s Health

Administrative, Conference, and Travel Management Services

Support included meeting and travel planning, exhibit management, recording and transcribing, report preparation, subsistence and travel reimbursement, and teleconferences for myriad one-time and recurring activities and events.

Office of the Director, Office of Science Policy and Planning

Working Group of the Advisory Committee to the Director

For the 15-member Group, provided meeting planning and travel management support: extensive pre-, on-site, and post-meeting services; recording the plenary session and producing a verbatim transcript; and preparing a Summary Report of the proceedings.

Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center – Department of Clinical Bioethics

Ethical Strategies for Managed Care Conference and Ethics of Globalization and Health Conference

Provided pre- and on-site registration of 200+ attendees each meeting, collected and documented conference fees, coordinated domestic/international travel and lodging arrangements, prepared and distributed conference packets; and provided graphics design and printing for agendas and reports..

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Center for Mental Health Services

Clinical Training Grant Award Program

Designed, developed, and maintained tracking systems for locating awardees with grant-payback obligations.

Feasibility Studies of National Reporting Programs Surveys

Developed and pre-tested three national surveys for the Survey and Analysis Branch to assess the feasibility of expanding CMHS’ existing National Reporting Program Surveys that collect data on mental health services, service providers, and clients in the mental health services system.

Administrative and Logistical Support Services

For the Office of External Liaison, provided pre-, onsite, and post-meeting services for a Consumer and Psychologist Leaders Meeting attended by 20 participating consumers and psychologists and 12 non-participating observers. For the Office for Policy, Planning, and Administration, provided administrative, logistical, and management support services for one planning-group meeting and six consumer meetings for 20-to- 50 participants each.

Mental Health Care Provider Education Program in HIV/AIDS

Conducted a study to develop a Performance Review Plan for 13 grantees and four contractors developing model approaches for training mental health care providers in the neuropsychiatric and psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

National Prevention Congress: Bridging Science and Practice for the 21st Century

Provided a full range of logistical planning and implementation support for this 5-day event for 500 senior executives and leaders involved in substance abuse prevention issues, including research and analytical services for developing program content.

Technical Assistance Services to Communities

Managed the TASC project, which promoted healthy communities, by assisting various religious and social-service organizations to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and aptitudes needed to abate and prevent community substance abuse problems.

Office of the Administrator

Conference and Meeting Support Services

Provided conference and travel management services to the OA for SAMHSA, the Office on AIDS, and the Office for Women’s Services. Supported 30+ meetings annually, averaging 2 days in duration, for 10-to-1,200 participants.

Materials Production Support Services

Provided graphic design, development, and preparation services for an extensive array of materials/publications, including SAMHSA logo-design concepts, conference documentation, flyers, and posters; SAMHSA News; and the SAMHSA Strategic Plan.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Fair Housing Initiatives Program and Fair Housing Assistance Program Annual Training

Provided administrative, logistical, and meeting planning support for this annual training event for 250 FHIP and FHAP participants, as a condition of their grant funding.

Office of Housing

Assistance to HUD’s Mortgage Market Reports

Contributed to improving mortgage market analysis through this assignment, which focused on the Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity, a monthly data series that details mortgage holdings for different types of lenders and different types of loans.

Office of Management and Planning

HUD Best Practices 2000 Symposium

Responsible for all pre-, onsite, and post-conference support for this 4-day conference and awards ceremony, which attracted 5,000+ participants, honoring the accomplishments of 100 recipients of HUD’s Best Practice Award.

Office of Policy Development and Research

Assisted Housing Quality Control Study

Analyzed data collected from 2,500 assisted-housing residents to identify various errors, error rates, the dollar cost of the errors, and a host of concerns, including the extent to which assisted-living households were over or under to HUD’s occupancy standards.

Service Coordinator Program

Evaluated the process by which the SCP was implemented in HUD’s Section 202 and Section 8 housing projects: assessed SCP housing projects and residents; individual SCP implementation and resident satisfaction; and roadblocks to SCP implementation.

Inventory of Violence Prevention Initiatives Demonstrated to Work in Public Housing

Provided directors of public housing authorities and others with resources, including A Guide to Evaluating Crime Control Programs in Public Housing, to plan local initiatives for reducing violent criminal behavior in public housing and similar environments.

Best and Worst Lenders Analysis

For the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, examined mortgage loan denials and origination rates in 20 SMSAs using data compiled under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. Results were used to update NCRC’s performance-data series on major lenders in serving the credit needs of minority and low-/moderate-income households.

Performance of Government Sponsored Enterprises GSE) on a Metropolitan Level

Studied the mortgage purchases of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–the major housing-related GSEs–to investigate the possibility of adopting goals at the metropolitan level, thereby assisting HUD policy makers to re-evaluate future GSE housing goals.

Quality Control for Rental Assistance Subsidies

Provided updated estimates on the type, severity, and cost of errors in the income re-certification and rent calculation process for public housing and Section 8 certificate and voucher programs.

Study of Public Housing Authority Rent Reasonableness Requirement

Reviewed PHA records and implemented telephone surveys to conduct an independent assessment of rent comparability for a nationally representative sample of Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance Program certificate and voucher recipients.

U.S. Department of the Interior

Fish and Wildlife Service

Fish and Wildlife Reference Service

Indexed, stored, and disseminated research documents, information, and reports developed by State Fish and Wildlife agencies, Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research units, and Endangered Species Recovery teams.

U.S. Department of Transportation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Information Retrieval and Dissemination Initiative

Managed a NHTSA network that provided new information, TA, and resources that national, State, and local representatives could distribute to grassroots supporters. Assisted the Safety Countermeasures and Special Programs Divisions, including logistical services for three National Organization for Youth Safety meetings.

Data Collection/Analysis for 1997 Report to Congress on Auto Theft and Recovery Effects of the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992

Reviewed and analyzed data from the FBI National Crime Information Center, the R.L. Polk Company, and the Highway Loss Data Institute to develop a combined-analysis data set for estimating theft rates for motor vehicles that had antitheft devices.

Develop Database on Older Persons’ Driving and Elderly Drivers’ Transportation Issues

Conducted a national survey, to collect and analyze data on the driving practices; driver training, testing; and licensing; transportation patterns and use of transportation modes, other than automobiles; and service delivery gaps related to senior citizens 65 and over.

Office of Plans and Policy

Development of Survey Instruments and Databases of Responses

Supported OPP evaluation efforts by designing and developing survey instruments, databases for survey-response questions, and OMB clearance packages; formulating sampling plans; and administering surveys and other data-collection methodologies.

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks

International Conference on Measuring Financial Risk in the 21st Century

This 2-day event–for 375 bankers, financial analysts, academicians, and regulators–focused on the successes and failures of financial-risk measurements, provided logistical and travel services. Prominent speakers included Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board; Lawrence Summers, Secretary of the Treasury; John Hawke, Jr., Comptroller of the Currency; and John Reed, Chairman/CFO of Citigroup.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Office of the Assistant Administrator for Water

Regional Water Division Directors’ Meetings

Provided full range of logistical services for meetings held to improve coordination of activities with EPA HQ and the regions; assess regional success at achieving HQ program objectives; and ensure consistency in implementation of Federal Water laws.

Office of Wastewater Management

Pretreatment Program – National Meetings

Provided full-service logistical support for two national, 5-day meetings related to Pretreatment Program implementation issues, co-sponsored by EPA and State Pretreatment Program Coordinators.

Pretreatment Program – Annual Region VI Seminars

For a series of Region VI pretreatment program networking seminars, provided both teleconference and on-site conference support

Public Outreach Program

Monthly, processed 2,500 Notices of Intent, Notices of Termination, Information Request Letters, and general correspondence related to storm-water permit applications. Supported promotional efforts through development of outreach materials and meetings.

Technical Training Materials

Developed training materials for four Source Water Protection Area Delineation and Susceptibility Assessment Technical Training Sessions for educating State and Regional staff in the technical aspects of the Save Water Protection Program.

State of Maryland

Department of Education

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Oversaw all aspects of the Maryland YRBS for survey ears 2005, 2007, and 2009. Designed the Survey Plan, administered the YRBS to a sample of high school students in 30 Maryland public high schools, and wrote survey-data summary reports.

YRBS and School Health Profiles Surveys

Provided TA services to another contractor, on behalf of the MSDE, for both YRBS and School Health Profiles Survey administration and reporting activities

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

External Quality Review of Managed Care Organizations

Assisting in the conduct of required external quality reviews, … was responsible for reviewing MCOs’ compliance with Quality Assurance, Utilization Management, and Health Education standards, and preparing a report of findings, reviewing corrective action plans, and assisting in developing and testing quality review protocols.

Design, Develop, and Produce Materials for MCO Enrollment Broker/Benefit Consultant Services Project

Maryland implemented a mandatory managed care program (HealthChoice) to serve Medicaid recipients. … designed, developed in English and Spanish and disseminated over 300,000 enrollment packages to educate Medicaid recipients about managed care options and assist them in enrolling in MCOs.

MCO Enrollment Broker/Benefit Consultant Services

For HealthChoice, a mandatory managed care program, designed; developed, in English and Spanish; and disseminated outreach materials and 300,000 enrollment packets to Medicaid recipients to educate and assist them with MCO enrollment.

Medicaid Managed Care Program – HealthChoice

Supported HealthChoice community outreach and education initiatives, by presenting to–and implementing train-the-trainer programs for–organizations in contact with Medicaid or potential Medicaid recipients.

Public Mental Health System

Provided technical support to the Public Mental Health System, which combines Medicaid fee-for-service with publicly funded mental-health services. Produced videos and developed consumer-education and information materials in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Health Care Commission

Provided services to the HCC–to help ensure access to healthcare for all Maryland residents–which included audits of small group plans, mandated cost-benefit analyses, and examination of the social and financial implications of proposed benefit mandates.

NCQA-HEDIS Compliance Audits

For the HCC, performed National Committee for Quality Assurance Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set Compliance audits of Maryland health insurance companies. Also, coordinated site visits and prepared interim and final audit reports.

State of Rhode Island

Implementing and Operating the RIte Care Program

Provided TA services to support implementation of RIte Care, the State’s managed healthcare program, including preparation of the Child Health Insurance Program Plan and bid-specification documents to procure Health Plan services.