KRA HUB Podcast Series Still Going Strong!

In October 2022, we launched THE HUB, the official podcast of KRA Corporation, as a platform dedicated to providing valuable insights and knowledge to our listeners.  We believe that sharing diverse workforce-services perspectives and experiences is essential for our audience to learn about industry trends, and to explore various professional journeys.

Hosting the podcasts is the talented Doug Foresta, with frequent appearances by Jonathan Overall, KRA Senior Director, Workforce Operations, as co-host.

We have an exciting lineup of broadcasts prepared for the upcoming months, with a new episode to be released approximately every 2 weeks. Each podcast is packed with engaging content and thought-provoking discussions, ensuring that our listeners stay informed and inspired.

Stay tuned to THE HUB for a wealth of valuable information and captivating conversations that will broaden your understanding of the industry, covering workforce topics and trends you need to know on the go!  Here are 11 episodes you might have missed this season:

E06:  Opening Doors of Opportunity and Expanding the Workforce: Lessons from Pennsylvania

Ron Painter, President & CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

E07: Empowering Women at Work

Zaskia Ruiz, current KRA Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

E08: Creating a Sustainable and Responsive Workforce System

Andy Hall, President & CEO, Trailhead Strategies Inc.

E09: Current and Future Workforce Trends

Joseph Seymour, former KRA Managing Director, Operational Excellence

E10: The Evolution of Training and Upskilling

Sandy Mead, Vice President of Workforce Development, Metrix Learning

E11: Bridging the Labor Force Gap

Dr. Chris Laney, Director of Government Affairs & Workforce Strategy, Lightcast

E12: How to Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Josh Davies, CEO, the Center for Work Ethic Development

E13: Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jeri Perkins, DEI Expert

E14: Reflections on the DOL ETA 2030 Vision Convening

Jane Oates, President, WorkingNation, and former USDOL official

E15: Empowering Underserved Communities

Cami Eakins, CEO, Career Path Services

E16: Meeting Current and Future Workforce Challenges: Lessons from Employ Prince George’s

Walter Simmons, President & CEO, and Executive Director, PG County WDB

If you know someone who should be featured on THE HUB, please e-mail us at

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