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KRA Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Each year, we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, celebrating the cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from the Caribbean; Central, South, and North America, i.e. Mexico; and Spain. Sixteen percent of the KRA family identify as Hispanic American, and we thank those, who, given several topics, volunteered to share something about their heritage with us. One area in particular seemed to resonate with everyone, “Do you have a favorite dish that is a significant aspect of your Hispanic heritage?” Rosal Chavira, Operations Manager: Mexico “During El Día De Los Muertos, celebrated October
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KRA Supports SETA 2023 Fall Conference

On September 17, 2023, the Southeastern Employment and Training Association (SETA) will convene its 4-day Fall Conference, which includes a Celebration of its 50th Year Anniversary. KRA is especially honored this year: To sponsor the Conference; To congratulate SETA President, Joseph L. Seymour, who for 14+ years distinguished himself as a leader in pivotal and progressively advanced  program-and corporate-level training and development positions; and To support members of our outstanding Corporate Leadership & Program Management Team, who are facilitating workshops on September 19, 2023: Nieal Marie Ross, Director, Midwest Workforce Operations, will present Uplifting the Unhoused: Serving Unhoused Young People from
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KRA HUB Podcast Series Still Going Strong!

In October 2022, we launched THE HUB, the official podcast of KRA Corporation, as a platform dedicated to providing valuable insights and knowledge to our listeners.  We believe that sharing diverse workforce-services perspectives and experiences is essential for our audience to learn about industry trends, and to explore various professional journeys. Hosting the podcasts is the talented Doug Foresta, with frequent appearances by Jonathan Overall, KRA Senior Director, Workforce Operations, as co-host. We have an exciting lineup of broadcasts prepared for the upcoming months, with a new episode to be released approximately every 2 weeks. Each podcast is packed with engaging
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