KRA Monthly Spotlight! Westside Economic Development Collaborative Supports KRA

In The Effects of Unemployment on Crime Rates in the US, 2015, Ajimotokin, Haskins, and Wade analyzed the relationship between unemployment (BLS data) and crime (FBI data), and concluded that” “there is a positive correlation between both violent and property crime, not only with unemployment rates…” Unfortunately, the Westside of Chicago cannot be excluded from these research results. According to the Chicago Tribune, in a recent 30-day period, 503 violent-, property-, and quality-of-life crimes were reported in this community.

On December 15, 2017, the KRA Westside American Job Center, operated for the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (CCWP), will host the first monthly meeting of the Westside Economic Development Collaborative (WEDC), a partnership of area businesses and corporations, other agencies and organizations, and concerned individuals who support Westside of Chicago residents in obtaining a financially secure and stable way of life.

Ron Hearns, KRA Director of Midwest Operations, reported, “Since July 1, 2017, for Adult, Dislocated, and Youth Services customers, we have far exceeded our CCWP-mandated placement goals—employment by 126% and Individual Training Accounts by 180%.  Moreover, we surpassed the credential-attainment goal by 207%—occupational-skills certifications and licenses, GEDs, et al, which are essential for long-term career advancement and success.”

Serving as a community and business advisory group, the WEDC has designated the KRA Westside AJC as the one-stop workforce-development resource, in partnership with the Westside Ministers Coalition of Chicago, and supported by dedicated volunteers, who bring a wide range of experience, expertise, and resources to this undertaking.

Hearns concluded, “The KRA Westside AJC welcomes this opportunity to expand its reach in continuing to tackle issues critical to increasing sustainable employment opportunities, decreasing criminal activity, and having an ever greater positive impact on the residents of the Westside of Chicago community.”

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