KRA Receives Workforce Board Award for Business Service

Alameda County - KRA Outstanding WIA Employer Services Award 205x285Recently, the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board (ACWIB) presented awards to KRA and other workforce-services leaders, partners, and providers for their contributions to the local business community.  For its operation of the ACWIB-funded Alameda County Business Development Group (BDG), KRA was honored “In Recognition of Outstanding WIA Employer Services and Commitment to Alameda County Businesses.”

In a letter to KRA announcing the award, James Paxson, Chairperson, and Patti Castro, Director, stated, “The ACWIB would like to acknowledge your organization’s outstanding service commitment.  Your contributions in sustaining ACWIB’s vision and mission, including your unique ability to meet the specific workforce challenges of your local community and/or local businesses are being recognized by the ACWIB.  The Board and the WIB staff commend you for your performance under the Workforce Investment Act, your stellar and solid partnership in workforce development and for demonstrating the principles of service excellence.”

Led by Pamela Carnes, Program Manager, the KRA/BDG team collaborates with the Alameda County AJCCs, and other key partners, to target regional workforce goals and business needs, supporting employers in targeted industries to maintain and/or expand their competitive edge, productivity, and profitability.

Addressing the need for a more skilled local workforce, the KRA/BDG uses an innovative, consultative approach, developing an in-depth understanding of each business-customer’s hiring needs, and working with the AJCCs to prepare jobseekers with the education, training, and/or certification required to meet those needs.

Paxson presented the award to Carnes, stating, “KRA has stepped into a very daunting task with our new service delivery model, and it’s been a pleasure working with them. I appreciate all of the work that you’re doing and the very demanding task we’ve put before you in terms of delivering our new service model.  So, thank you very much.”

Reflecting on the award, Carnes remarked, “We have appreciated the opportunity to deploy a ground-breaking business services program in Alameda that serves as a model for other Workforce Boards implementing WIOA.   We look forward to continuing to refine our services as the regional economy, and the Board’s strategy, continue to evolve.”


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