KRA Convenes “Back to Business Virtual Night” for Customers

As a TANF Employment Program (TEP) Provider for the DC Department of Human Services (DCDHS), KRA provides customized Job Placement for recipients ready to enter the workforce, and Education and Occupational Training for customers needing pre-employment readiness services.

Since March, when COVID-19 prevention requirements forced the closing of the TEP office, KRA staff have continued to support customers, working from home and utilizing a Zoom-based service-delivery approach to augment daily e-mail and phone check-ins with customers.

Furthermore, KRA collaborates with several local educational institutions, including UDC, to access additional distance-learning resources to continue supporting our customers and their families.

Recently, KRA began convening a monthly Back to Business Virtual Night, bringing staff and as many as 100 customers together, to experience fact- and fun-filled sessions for staying the course until we can all get “back to business” as usual.

Supporting the DCDHS Two-Generational (Gen2Gen) Approach to customer service, sessions focus on Childhood Development, Economic Assets, Social Capital, Health & Well-Being, and other core Gen2Gen components.

KRA staff facilitate 10 Zoom breakouts, each conducting two 20-minute sessions, with each customer choosing two sessions to attend.  Topical examples include Help, I’m a Mom and Not a Teacher, Mommy & Me Yoga Techniques, Physical Education: Kids Clubhouse, Parent Café: Positive Parenting, and more Gen2Gen-relevant areas.

Ms. Jachelle Lewis, KRA/TEP customer, concluded, “Back 2 Business Virtual night is a great opportunity to engage with staff and each other to stay informed about supportive services and resources, while sharing our common experiences.

We are looking forward to future meetings, in which we will be interacting with other workforce and lifestyle experts to explore the most current information that directly impacts our households.”

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