KRA Continues to Support SDWP with Innovative, Exceptional, and Trusted Services

In June 2018, Peter Callstrom, President & CEO, San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) announced a New Era for Career Centers in San Diego County, stating, “Effective July 1, 2018, all San Diego County career centers…will be operated by KRA Corporation.”

Callstrom continued, ““To streamline and align workforce development services around the county, SDWP decided to consolidate career center operations down to a single provider. Through a competitive application and bid process, KRA Corporation, which has served San Diego job seekers since 2012, was selected to operate the entire system moving forward.”

During its 6-year management of the San Diego Metro Career Centers, KRA piloted, implemented, and/or created multiple SDWP-initiated programs, many in partnership with community, and private- and public-sector agencies and organizations. For the San Diego County Career Centers (SDCCC) system, KRA is continuing its tradition of collaborating with community stakeholders to provide the most comprehensive services possible to County jobseeker- and employer-customers.

One example occurred recently, when the KRA/SDCCC hosted “Back to Work Day”. An SDWP-published article began, “As San Diego County children headed back to school, the Metro Career Center gave a boost to local parents by hosting the first-ever parent day, dubbed ‘Back to Work Day.’ More than 40 parents attended the event, and 10 secured employment on the spot or in the following week from connections made onsite.”

Another exciting project is a KRA East County Career Center (ECCC)/East Region Adult Education (ERAE) partnership, Adult Ed Connection, which since April 2019 has provided ERAE-education services, i.e., ESL and GED, and career training for participants returning to the workforce. Supplemental to the workforce-services programs offered by the KRA/ECCC, customers can meet with an ERAE Transition Specialist to discuss no-or low-cost program options, as well as supportive community resources, including financial, college matriculation, housing, food, and health services.


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