Disability Employment Trends and Innovations from Maryland

As we continue to raise awareness during the month of October by honoring Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), we are thrilled to share one of the latest’s podcasts from KRA’s THE HUB, featuring Jade Gingerich, Director of Employment Policy at the Maryland Department of Disabilities.

Episode 18 provides an insightful discussion on disability employment, during which Ms. Gingerich provides background on her agency’s mission to improve coordination of services and promote equal opportunity for people with disabilities, outlining key state initiatives including eliminating subminimum wages.

She stresses the importance of changing expectations around disability and work, customized employment approaches, and improved systems coordination, sharing valuable perspectives on trends like work incentives counseling and inclusive integrated employment.

DEAM provides an opportunity to challenge these barriers and raise awareness about the unique skills and talents that individuals with disabilities bring to the workforce.  It encourages employers to create inclusive hiring practices and accommodations that enable those with disabilities to thrive in their chosen careers.

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