U.S. Department of Labor Carries On Its Work

It is reassuring to see that it is business as usual around the halls of the Department of Labor (DOL), which has picked up right where it left off after the temporary shutdown, with last week proving to be very productive for the agency.

Labor Secretary Perez offered his opinions on the employment figures for October (which continue to move in a healthy direction). In his characteristic uncompromising fashion, the Secretary took a very outspoken approach on actions by the government that he feels have hindered forward progress in social and employment equity, as well as hurting the overall cause of workforce development.

The Secretary remained critical of the recent government shutdown stating “The American people deserve leadership that focuses on growing the economy—not holding it hostage.”

KRA Corporation remains firm in its support of those who champion the plight of the U.S. workforce, and as such we appreciate the Secretary’s resolute commitment to that workforce, as well as his endeavors to keep its development and new initiatives moving forward.

The Senate also recently passed the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill that has drawn criticisms from different and sometimes unexpected quarters. If signed into law, this bill promises to offer protection and safeguards to all employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity—specific protections that to date are non-existent in Federal civil-rights law.

As this relates to equitable treatment in the workplace, KRA Corporation is pleased to see the passage of this bill into the House of Representatives as a step forward to workplaces that are fairly and equally represented.

Although not directly related to current events in workforce development, KRA Corporation is pleased to observe that the DOL remains current in ensuring that every opportunity for the U.S. workforce is made available by highlighting some of those rungs on the ladder to success that might otherwise be missed.

A recent post on the Work in Progress blog discussed the importance of employees taking responsibility for their own financial future by heeding some of the warning signs that their retirement savings might be in jeopardy.

The post highlights five examples, which could indicate that a 401(k) plan is not being managed correctly or is being abused. It even goes as far as to point those who feel that they are not being best served towards the assistance they need.

KRA Corporation applauds the DOL’s impressive output since the shutdown and especially the steps taken in regard to increased equity for all stakeholders and members in the workforce. With the strides being taken, we anticipate that workforce development efforts should yield some very exciting and bold outcomes in the very near future for employers and employees alike.