KRA/PG County Customer Continues to Overcome

In April, we reported on John, who enrolled in the Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program, operated by KRA for the Prince George’s [MD] County Department of Social Services, with serious obstacles to employment, as a homeless ex-offender.

Career Agent Rhonda Feimster was instrumental in helping John develop the job-readiness skills he needed, and consequently the shelter he called “home” referred him for a part-time  job as an Assembly/Driving Associate at  $12.50/hour.

PG County - Child Support ImageRhonda reported,  “John  is doing better; he’s still living at the shelter, but received a pay raise to $15.00/hour. He was scheduled for a court-ordered hearing,  related to his delinquent child-support payments, however, his daughter’s mother, “Mary”, did not appear.

Prior to the re-scheduled hearing,  John received notice that Mary’s mother had petitioned the court to act as Intervenor  Plaintiff, which is how he discovered that Mary had died the morning of the first hearing!

The Court Magistrate ordered a monthly support payment commensurate with John’s income, and Mary’s mother  agreed to him developing a closer relationship with his daughter.

John has overcome a lot in the past few months, and his continued determination and faith will guide him on the rest of his journey.  He told me he is thankful to God for the opportunity for healing and forgiveness.”