KRA/DC Customer: From Temporary Assistance To Permanent Employment

Her job as a Restaurant Manager required single Losia Nyankale, 30, to work during hours when she needed to be home with her two children, one of which was disabled.  Unwilling to cope with the irregular hours any longer, she quit and applied for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to support her family.

While receiving benefits, Losia began studying to obtain certification as a Paralegal, to prepare for a career change.  Expecting to graduate in August 2014, she enrolled in the DC TANF Employment Program—operated by KRA for the Department of Human Services—in July, to become work-ready, and to find just the “right” position that would provide stability, flexibility, and a return to self-sufficiency.

KRA Job Developer Olivia Vaughns had just the connection Losia needed to move her along her new career path…an unpaid Community Work Experience (CWE) opportunity, starting in September, with a local law firm.  Losia’s knowledge, skills, and abilities so impressed the firm, that she was offered a full-time Paralegal position, which began in January 2015.

Paralegal Losia Nyankale

Paralegal Losia Nyankale

Vaughns commented, ” KRA/DC TEP had the ideal set of resources Loisa needed to get back on the path of independence.  And, her new job affords her the ability to leave work in time to pick-up her children from school; that was really important to her.”