KRA/Baltimore Appreciates Faith-Based CWE Partner

Indispensable to the success of the KRA/Baltimore Work Participation, Placement, and Support Services Program,funded by the Department of Social Services, is the Community Work Experience component, which provides jobseeker-customers with two invaluable opportunities: one, hands-on workplace experience for those with little or no work history, and two…about one-third of the time…employment for those who are work-ready!

For the CWE to succeed, KRA depends on community agencies and organizations to provide 3-month volunteer positions for our customers.  One such valuable partner is the New Antioch Baptist Church, pastored by Bishop Orlando A. Wilson, and its Outreach Program, directed by Reverend Harriett Noakes.

For the past 2 years, the Program has provided workplace-preparation support of 8-to-10 CWE volunteers, having them assist with the Program’s ministries in substance abuse counseling, HIV/AIDS education, housing referrals, meals for 60-to-150 people weekly, clothing assistance, and other life-sustaining supportive services.

Ernestine Chambers, Operations Manager, commented, “KRA/Baltimore is grateful to have the Church and its Outreach Program as a CWE partner.  Recently, Rev. Noakes commented on how much one of our volunteer’s, Jessica Mason, initiative, work ethic, and confidence had grown through her Program participation.  Acknowledgments like that confirm that our CWE is fulfilling its objectives for our customers and for our partners!!”