KRA Team Lead on TV

On June 29, 2011, Charles Botts, III, Job Developer and Team Lead with the KRA/CTWorks One-Stop operation in Connecticut’s North Central Region, appeared on the local Fox affiliate TV station’s, Fox 61, news program Good Morning Connecticut. He was tapped to appear on the show as part of the station’s ongoing effort to assist viewers, who are also jobseekers, in improving their chances of employment. Mr. Botts’ position with KRA puts him in front of potential employers all the time, thus he knows exactly what they are looking for in applicants’ résumés. In an interview-format conversation with one of Fox 61’s anchors, he discussed ways in which individuals can improve their résumés, and shared specific information on résumé style, format, content, and presentation. Mr. Botts told viewers that if they e-mailed their resumes to the station, he and his Job Development Team would provide comments and feedback on how they might be improved. So far, the Team has critiqued more than 30 resumes! Additionally, on July 1, 2011, Mr. Botts participated in a live online chat session in the Fox 61 studio, during which time viewers were able to submit questions and receive real-time feedback on the strength of their résumés.  To check out the videos, click on the links below: