KRA Staffer Answers the Call

Elsa Huertas, WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Career Agent at the KRA/CTWorks Adult Education Center (AEC) site has started what she calls the “Interview Closet”.  Here’s how it works: she has asked contributors…including  AEC and KRA staff and community residents…to search their closets for suitable business clothing they no longer want.  In addition to traditional items such as suits,  blouses/shirts, dresses, jackets, pants/slacks, and skirts, the Interview Closet also accepts shoes, jewelry, and other accessory items such as scarves and ties. According to individual need, Huertas distributes the items to program participants to assist them in presenting a more professional image on job interviews. The Interview Closet has proven to be a valuable and successful addition to the overall KRA employment and training  program, and has been received with much enthusiasm.