KRA Norfolk Dynamic Duos

Gregory Taylor and Shannon Landon are a committed, dedicated, and goal-oriented couple. Matching their commitment, dedication, and goal-orientation are KRA Career Agent (CA) Malinda Cofield and KRA Job Readiness Academy (JRA) Instructor Frederick Smith. Together, the four worked as a single-purposed unit to make the couple’s training and employment goals a reality. Analyzing Taylor’s and Landon’s abilities, aptitudes, and interests, CA Cofield enrolled them in KRA’s Norfolk Workforce Development Center JRA, and monitored their progress closely as they strove to capitalize on their natural talents. Working diligently with JRA Instructor Smith, Taylor and Landon were wildly successful in enhancing their job-readiness/workplace skills and employability options. Graduating from the JRA in August, both had jobs within 2 days of each other at a local Virginia Beach report establishment, notwithstanding Taylor’s criminal record. Though Landon’s position is currently part-time, she will transition into a full-time opportunity that is opening up within the next few weeks. Commitment + dedication + realistic goals = success was the winning formula for Taylor and Landon…who have now added “pride” to their accomplishments as productive citizens of the City of Norfolk.

Taylor and Landon...a Dynamic Duo