KRA Monthly Spotlight!

Our Spotlight! is shining brightly on a truly heart-warming customer-success story submitted by Mark Allen, Retention Specialist at the CTWorks/American Job Center (AJC), which is operated by KRA for Capital Workforce Partners, the North Central Connecticut Region WIB.

For more than 13 years, Nadine worked as a Program Supervisor for the HIV & AIDS Chronic Program, Connecticut Department of Public Health.  Unfortunately, she lost that position due to serious medical and personal challenges.

Nadine’s partnership with CTWorks/AJC began in March 2011, when she participated in a Career Services Information Session, subsequently availing herself of a valuable program resource, the Online Learning Center, to hone her skills in navigating the Internet, constructing cover letters and resumes, and accessing online programs to advance her computer literacy.

She landed a part-time job time as a Grant Writer,  but lost it due to recurring medical complications. So, Nadine returned to CTWorks/AJC and began receiving intensive career counseling and guidance—and moral support—from Mark, who is dual-credentialed as a Certified Workforce Development Professional and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

While working in a new part-time position, Nadine pursued an Accounting Assistant Certificate, and also enrolled in a special CTWorks/AJC program that provides targeted workforce-services support, including intensive career-exploration opportunities.

With Mark’s assistance, in January 2014, Nadine landed a great job as the   Program Coordinator, Infectious Disease Clinic, with a major hospital in Connecticut, where she supervises 15 employees, and provides staff orientation training.

Mark and Nadine at her new job

Mark and Nadine at her new job

Mark concluded, “Nadine is doing great!  She is succeeding on the job, and continuing to overcome her challenges by being positive and staying involved with family and friends who support her and champion her resolve.  Nadine’s triumph over incredible personal adversities reminds of a Vince Lombardi quote, ‘The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after the fall’.”