KRA Customers Obtain Work, Avoid Welfare

Sheila–37, single, with 2 children–enrolled in PGWorks, operated by KRA for the Prince George’s County [MD] Department of Social Services (DSS) 3 months ago, when her temporary job with a rental-property management firm ended.

Career Agent LaCresha Jones, reported, “Sheila had a pretty strong work history–7 years as a Hair Stylist, and 4, more recent, years as a Leasing Consultant.  But, after months of unemployment, she found herself applying for public assistance at the DSS, which referred her to KRA/PGWorks for job-preparation and placement.

To add more recent workplace experience to her resume, I encouraged Sheila to utilize her lease-consulting knowledge and skills by volunteering in the rental office of her apartment complex, while we continued her workforce-readiness and job-search activities.

PG Cty - Red Property Managment Photo With Magnifying Glass - 200x150Our efforts were successful when Sheila  was offered a position as a Leasing Consultant with a property management firm that provides recruiting and staffing resources in the areas of apartment maintenance, concierge, and leasing services–for Sheila, a job made-to-order!

Sheila reports that she is very happy to be providing for her family independently again, and asked me to pass along some advice to other long-time unemployed jobseekers, ‘Keep looking!  It is exhausting, but you will end up finding a company and a job that you love!’.”