KRA Client Hires KRA Customer

Lekia Smith’s first visit to a DC Department of Human Services’ (DHS) facility was to apply for TANF financial-assistance benefits, her second to take advantage of a volunteer Work Experience (WE) opportunity, and the third–to report for work!

When Lekia was referred to the TANF Employment Program (TEP), KRA-operated for the DHS, she needed hands-on experience to expand her options for work in the IT arena.  Michelle Alston , KRA/TEP Career Agent, reported, “Lekia already had an A++/PC Specialist Diploma, and I knew of a WE opportunity, with the DHS Service Center Help Desk, that would give her the workplace experience to move her IT career forward.”

wdc - lekiaDuring Lekia’s 5-month assignment, DHS assessed her IT capabilities and potential…and offered her a position as a Social Services Representative (SSR).  “On the job 2 months now, Lekia is happy to be working fulltime, applying her IT knowledge and skills to enter and maintain information for various DHS-assistance programs into different databases, including the Automated Client Eligibility Determination System.

As a result of her own TANF experience, Lekia’s point-of-view–not one shared by most SSRs–is unique, as she now enforces the same DHS policies and procedures related to benefit eligibility and determination that were once applied to her!”