Edward Fairley Speaks at KRA VIEW Graduation

On November 30, 2012, the KRA/Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare Program (VIEW) celebrated its 11th Job Readiness Academy (JRA) Class Graduation of 2012.  All customers seeking employment assistance through KRA/VIEW must participate in the JRA, a month-long work-readiness course focusing on Resume Building, Work Ethics, Professionalism, Budgeting, Team Work, and other “soft skills” necessary to prepare them for community work experience, through the KRA/VIEW Public Service Program, or employment opportunities. Fourteen jobseekers graduated, two of whom had already secured employment by the end of the class. 

As if completing the JRA course was not exhilarating enough, the graduates were further motivated by the guest speaker, Edward L. Fairley, renowned author, public speaker, and founder/owner of “Love 2 Enlighten U L.L.C.  According to Tiffany Haynes, KRA Lead Instructor, “We were so fortunate to attract Mr. Fairley as a guest speaker.  He spoke on the topic of Audacity and really encouraged our graduates to be ‘courageous’ and to have confidence in themselves and what they’ve achieved, especially when seeking employment and going on interviews.  His website says ‘No matter the group’s age, race, sex, education level, social status, or creed, Edward Fairley’s thought-provoking ability to entertain and enlighten people…will cause time to fly, leaving his recipients craving more of his empowering and mind-challenging wisdom’, and that certainly was the case with his presentation to our JRA graduates.” Fairley is pictured below:

More information on his website provides insight as to why Fairley was chosen to speak to the graduates: “His passion, relatability, and innovative way of thinking and teaching are just a few reasons why he is one of today’s most sought after speakers.  Edward Fairley considers himself a spiritual individual who believes he was created to help people gain the knowledge he wishes he attained much earlier in life, by teaching and inspiring in a manner that makes possible the transformation of the negatives in life to positives.”

Tiffany Haynes; KRA Instructor Frederick Smith (seated); KRA Instructor Kirk Houston; Edward L. Fairley (seated).