Another KRA Student is College Bound

Yet again, a KRA Portsmouth In-School Youth Employability & Success (YES) student is facing the future with anticipation, confidence, and high expectations… reflective of  the success she achieved through YES’ Work-Readiness Program. During her period of program participation, “Ms. F”, a senior at Booker T. Washington High School, took full advantage of the guidance provided by KRA Career Counselors, whose advice led Ms. F to enroll in YES classes that would serve her well in the future. She completed courses that emphasized workplace ethics and the importance of putting forth a positive attitude, maintaining good attendance and punctuality habits, being a team player, problem solving, presenting a professional image, verbally communicating effectively, In addition to these “employability” skills, also known as “soft-skills”, Ms. F availed herself of more “technical” offerings that included computer literacy, mathematics, and reading and writing.  Ms. F is confident that these experiences were instrumental in her two most recent successes: acceptance by the Tidewater Community College Nursing Program, and subject to successful high school graduation…of which we have no doubt…matriculation in the Fall, and being hired at the local outlet of a national-chain grocery store as a Deli Clerk…but working only 10 – 15 hours a week as school remains her first priority. Ms. F says she is confident that she will meet her goals, is excited to be gaining experience in the workplace, and “can’t wait to graduate in June.”