A New Partnership: KRA and PG Community College

KRA manages and operates a multi-year contract with the Prince George’s County [Maryland]  Department of Social Services.  As a Prince George’s County Works provider, operating out of the County’s three Employment Resource Centers, KRA works with customers applying for, or already participating in, the County’s Temporary Cash Assistance, Supplementary Nutrition Assistance, and/or Non-Custodial Parent Employment (NPEP) programs.  Recently, KRA partnered with Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) to provide NPEP customers job-readiness assessment, support, and training as they prepare for, enter, and retain unsubsidized employment.

Beginning February 27, 2012, Reginald Black and Rewa Powell, KRA Career Agents, and Dwight Hastick, KRA Instructor, will travel to the PGCC campus to facilitate weekly trainings that will assist NPEP customers, who have been adjudicated due to Child Support issues, with the development of job-readiness and -placement skills.  Specifically, KRA’s innovative job-readiness workshops, known as F.U.S.E. (Focus on Utilizing Self-Sufficient Energy for Employment), will prepare NPEP customers in the areas of Resume Preparation, Job Applications, and Interviewing, as well as “soft-skills” development in Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Networking, et. al. Upon successful completion of the 6-week workshop series, customers will receive a Certificate of Completion from PGCC that will add much-needed substance to their resumes. Anthony Featherstone, KRA Program Manager, concluded, “Job placement for KRA customers is always the ultimate objective of what we do.  But, in the case of those customers with child-support payment issues, it is a critical goal.”