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Presenting Best Practices at State and National Conferences

For many years, KRA employees have employed their considerable workforce-services expertise to design and deliver presentations, videos, webinars, and workshops at national, regional, and state conferences, forums, and symposia to share innovative, exceptional, and trusted results for both adult- and youth-program customers.

MWA Logo - smallerIn December 2016, a Maryland DOL bulletin, targeting “All Workforce Professionals and Partners”, announced the 2017 Maryland Workforce Association Raising the Bar Conference, inspiring Joe Seymour, KRA Corporate Training and Development Coordinator, to submit a workshop proposal, which was accepted for presentation.

Building on the success of KRA Changing the Game and Raising the Bar workshops presented at the 2016 NAWDP Conference, Seymour presented From Transactional to Transformational: Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience to an almost-SRO audience. This exciting and interactive workshop included strategies, tools, and principles that can empower organizations to transition from basic transactional customer interaction to a culture built on delivering a truly transformational customer experience.

NAWB LogoIn sync with the 2017 NAWB Forum theme of “Defining Challenges, Shaping Opportunities”, John Hattery, KRA Director, Strategic Partners, presented an Innovation Tool Shop session on the Top 5 Ways to Tell Your Vendor Understands Business Engagement, focused on how WIOA has changed the way the public-workforce system interacts with the business community, and how to ensure that your organization has evolved from a WIA-style, job-order collection program to an effective service-delivery system as intended by WIOA.

As a longtime advocate-supporter, KRA appreciates and applauds the MWA, NAWB, and other industry associations for affording workforce-development professionals, leaders, and stakeholders—private, public, and non-profit…local, county, regional, and state—invaluable opportunities to network and to contribute to a collective industry objective—developing strategic solutions that strengthen our public workforce-investment system and our nation’s economy.



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