KRA's Seymour Tapped Again to Create Video for NAWDP

Our current headline proudly joins two previous ones: December 31, 2012, KRA Employee Produces Videos for NAWDP, and June 3, 2013, KRA’s Seymour Creates Second NAWDP Plenary Video.

For the  third year in a row, Joe Seymour has developed a creative, exciting, and truly inspirational video for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, this time for its September 2014 Youth Development Symposium.

Actually, Joe, a Trainer and Subject Matter Expert for CTWorks, a 37-town, multi-site One-Stop Career Center and TANF program operated by KRA Corporation for Capital Workforce Partners, has produced three prior videos for NAWDP Plenary Sessions:

  •  May 2012 National Conference – Workforce Development Advocacy
  • November 2012 Youth Development Symposium – Youth Advocacy
  • May 2013 National Conference – Presentation Skills for Workforce Development Professionals

Don Scott, KRA Senior Vice President for Workforce Operations, who attended the Symposium along with other KRA representatives, commented “KRA is proud that Joe’s skills and abilities in this area have once again afforded us the opportunity to be of service to NAWDP, and to support our common mission of preserving our future by making a commitment to Youth Services a priority.”

Download and view Joe’s 2014 NAWDP Youth Video at:, which may open in another window, and his 2013 NAWDP Youth Video at: