KRA Customer's New Skills Lead to New Career Option

Aiesha, 37, mother of a 7-year old, graduated a local Career Institute with a Medical Office Assistant degree in May.  Anxious to find work, she enrolled the same month in the Community Work Experience/Job Skills Training Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Camden County WIB.

Encouraged by Stacy Kimbrough, KRA Career Agent, Aiesha enrolled in several workshops—Life Skills, Job-Application Assistance, Resume Preparation.  However, it was the hands-on Job–Search Techniques/Methodologies that opened her eyes to other career possibilities.

Realizing that honed customer-service skills are essential in most business sectors, Aiesha decided to earn a Guest Service Gold Certification, training for which is offered by KRA/Camden through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

Training and certification lead to an employment opportunity, an interview, and a job offer, from Caesars Casino Atlantic City, for a fulltime Cashier Casino Services II position, which she started in July.  Cashier Sign

Does this mean Aiesha is abandoning her aspiration of working in healthcare?  Kimbrough reported, “By no means! She’s just expanding her career options, and right now is finding the gaming and hospitality industry very exciting.  Self-sufficiency is producing self-confidence, which is having a very positive impact on her and her son.”