The VIEW is Now Great for KRA Customer!

With a BSW degree, Chimere was confident of landing a job commensurate with her education and experience.  However, 3 months after graduation, instead of receiving job offers, Chimere was receiving TANF benefits to support herself and four children.

Unsuccessful in finding sustainable employment on her own, Chimere enrolled in the VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare] Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Norfolk Department of Human Services.

Cora Brown-Campbell, KRA Career Agent, reported, “Prior to entering VIEW, Chimere worked off-and-on as a substitute teacher. It was the ‘off” times that challenged her ability to survive.  With her qualifications, and level of need, I immediately assigned Chimere to ‘Job Search’, guiding her with effective techniques and strategies.”

Chimere met with success when The City of Portsmouth Department of Social Services (PDSS) hired her as an Eligibility Worker, a placement that qualified her for VTP (VIEW Transitional Payment) status, as it was evident she was becoming more self sufficient.

Brown-Campbell concluded, “Chimere’s VTP status ended 4 months ago, and I am pleased to report that she is still employed fulltime with the PDSS, and has enrolled in a Master’s degree program.  She intends to pursue a career as a School Counselor, and based upon her ability to overcome previous challenges, we have no doubt she will succeed in achieving all her new career-pathway goals.”