KRA Job-Readiness Workshops Key to Customer Success

The San Diego Metro Region One-Stop Career Center—an American Job Center of California—is operated by KRA Corporation for the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP).  One of the workshops offered by the Career Center is “Overqualified and Underemployed”, but for Eugene Beronilla, it was more a case of “Overqualified and Unemployed.”  Eugene had a Master’s degree, years of experience…and no job offers from his multiple interviews.

Eugene Beronilla

Facing the fact that his own strategies were ineffectual, Eugene decided to explore the workforce-development services offered by the Career Center.  There, with a Career Agent (CA), he developed an attainable career-pathway plan (CPP), including more workshops—“Finding Hidden Jobs”, “What to Say in a Job Interview”, et al, as well as guidance in resume development, job-search strategies, workforce-skills assessment, and more.

Eugene’s CPP also included job-training—a 1-year Project Management course offered by the University of California San Diego (UCSD).  However, less than 1 month into the course, he received a job offer from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency!

His CA reported, “Eugene is a Program Manager at UCSD, contracted to oversee education, training, and outreach efforts for the San Diego County Immunization Program.  Not  one to ‘rest on his laurels’, he is already taking more skills-building courses—How to be an Effective Leader, Web Development, etc.   We are very happy for Eugene’s current achievements, and very confident of his future success.”