KRA: Front-page News!

KRA was the feature story on the front page of the Norfolk Department of Human Services’ Have You Heard November 2010 newsletter. KRA is congratulated on meeting or exceeding the Virginia Department of Social Services’ performance targets for the first quarter. The article “On Target…and Beyond!” congratulates the Norfolk, Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) program, operated by KRA, on meeting or exceeding the state’s performance targets for the first quarter of the Fiscal Year. KRA achieved a 55 percent Work Participation Rate (WPR), a 50 percent Employed Rate, a 75 percent Retention Rate, and an Average Wage Rate of $7.76/hour. The 55 percent WPR maintains Norfolk’s #1 ranking among the 12 largest VIEW caseloads in Virginia. In addition to the #1 WPR ranking, KRA/VIEW also successfully operates a Virginia Full Employment Program (FEP), which provides training while the participants are employed. During the training period, a portion of the participants’ wages are subsidized for up to 6 months. Through targeted community involvement and business development efforts, KRA/VIEW leads Virginia with the most FEP contracts.