KRA/DC Customer Transitions From "Jobs" to "Career"

Lauretta  Booker, assigned to the KRA/DC TANF Employment Program (TEP) by our  Department of Human Services client, had held many different jobs in food- and customer-service, but merely as a means to an end–supporting herself and 3 daughters.  Now, she needed career-oriented, stable employment with a sustainable wage.

Expanding her options through KRA/DC resources, Lauretta increased her knowledge and skills through courses in Professional Development, Microsoft Digital Literacy, and CPR–new capabilities that successfully led to a Special Police Officer (SPO) training program with a private-security firm.

Unfortunately, Lauretta did not pass the firm’s background screening, required for SPO certification and licensure, and was not offered a job after training.  Undaunted, she returned to TEP to continue her job search, which included attending the KRA/DC Spring Job Fair.

Security Officer Lauretta Booker

Security Officer Lauretta Booker

Lauretta’s SPO training proved valuable, resulting in an on-the-spot interview, which led to a job offer as a Security Officer.  The local protective-services firm also offered to assist her in obtaining certification and licensing to expand her industry career options in the future.

Gay Twyman, Lauretta’s Career Agent, concluded, “KRA/DC was pleased to assist Lauretta in beginning her transition from public assistance to a level of self-sufficiency that gives her hope for a brighter future for herself and her children.”