KRA Customers…A Valuable Staffing Solution

We first reported about Lamar Childers in the inspiring article, KRA “Snaps” Up Another Great Customer!, in October 2014.  Today, he continues to be a source of inspiration–to his KRA customers and co-workers–at the TANF Employment Program (TEP), operated for the DC Department of Human Services.

Lamar commented, “I started as a KRA customer in May 2014, referred by SNAP to the PGWorks Employment and Training Program in Maryland, but have been a KRA employee since September.  It’s been such a rewarding experience; I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned, and continue to learn every day.

I’ve grown so much professionally, and personally, since I assumed my position as a DC/TEP Career Agent.  Also, I’m proud to say that I’ve already received two Certificates of Recognition for exceeding program goals related to customer participation and file-audit transmissions.

Thanks to Ms. Ashelley Wilder, my KRA Career Agent who herself was once a PGWorks customer, for referring me for an opportunity with such a great future.  I believe we both are prime examples of how KRA continues to recognize its customers’ potential, and provide career opportunities whenever possible.  I also believe that some of our DC/TEP customers will be afforded the chance to join the KRA team some day!”

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