KRA Youth Cater to the Elderly

On June 24, 2011, five Horry County Waccamaw Occupational Work-readiness (WOW) Program student-participants attended a culinary arts lecture and hands-on workshop facilitated by Ms. Esther Strickland, owner of a local retail store, who has volunteered her time and culinary talent for the community’s needy and disabled for the past 40 years. Following her lead, in a kitchen provided by a local church, the students were able to create meals that they took to 13 elderly and disabled senior citizens in the community. One of the students expressed how much she enjoyed learning to cook and creating “easy” meals. Another stated that after experiencing a little of what it takes to be a cook, he is even more excited about obtaining more training in this field. This was also an exciting adventure for KRA/WOW Career Agents Nicole Hilton and Virginia Vann, who were not only able to provide the students with a peek into the culinary arts occupation, but to see them put their new skills to use to benefit others in the community. One gentleman…who suffers from Leukemia-related ailments and also cares for his wife who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease…told the students how much he appreciated not just the meal, but their generosity and expressions of concern; he said he thought that everyone had forgotten about them.