KRA President & CEO Continues Visits to Programs

On June 13, 2011, Knowlton R. Atterbeary visited KRA’s Camden County program, a multi-service operation that provides educational and workforce development services to Youth participants, TANF recipients, and those eligible for the County’s General Assistance Program. Mr. Atterbeary participated in a lively all-hands staff Q&A session, along with Anita Davis, KRA Program Manager, sharing his vision and plans for KRA’s continued growth and success, and fielding questions, among them what inspired him, 31 years ago, to found KRA. The staff appreciated his “big picture” knowledge and views on the economy, specifically as it relates to the company’s goal of being the number one performer in the country in workforce development.  Mr. Atterbeary told Team Camden, “To be number one, we as a company must guarantee that we’re able to exceed the expectations of those we service through effective partnerships and results.”

During his visit, Mr. Atterbeary attended meetings with several civic and community leaders… whose partnerships with KRA are critical to the program’s success…including Steve Nilsen, representative of the Borough of Bellmawr, New Jersey; Kathy Mayfield, Operator, and Laurie McGuire, Supervisor of Management and Information Services, One-Stop Center; and Gina Lorusso, Director of Case Management Services, Camden County Board of Social Services.

After the visit, Thomas Davis, KRA Career Agent Team Lead, sent a note to say “Thank you for your visit to KRA-Camden. Your wealth of knowledge and vision for the future of KRA were refreshing to hear. It’s a pleasure to work for a visionary who really sees the needs of individuals and puts teams in place to provide services that ‘develop workers and strengthen communities’.” I look forward to many more fruitful years with KRA Corporation.” To which Mr. Atterbeary replied, “Tom, thank you for the kind words and the time the Camden team spent with me last week. KRA’s vision and plans are continually refined through the sharing of thoughts and ideas as we did that day. Team Camden is greatly appreciated and valued.”