KRA Team Joins Operation Paintbrush

At 8:30am on June 25, 2011, staff volunteers from the Henrico County KRA/Resource Program met up with “Julia”, Operation Paintbrush Supervisor, to begin painting the home of a local elderly couple. Unfortunately, some “prep” work on the main structure was still in progress, so the house was not quite ready for a complete face lift. Undaunted, the KRA team grabbed brushes, ladders, and paint and got busy on the house’s trim. Ignoring the heat, the team enjoyed the morning’s task and felt great about helping older citizens who lack the ability to take on such tasks themselves. Once the trim was complete, the team added a small bonus by cleaning some of the gutters. Before leaving, they made it clear to Julia that KRA/Resource is ready, willing, and able to return to finish the job whenever they receive the call.

KRA/Resource Operation Paintbrush Team