KRA Staff Volunteer for Community Outreach Event

Forgoing a well-deserved Saturday off, on September 3, 2011, KRA/Resource Workforce Center staff were among 50 “vendors”…local businesses, civic groups, and other organizations…that participated in the 5th Annual Northside We Care Festival, held at the Hotchkiss Community Center in Richmond, Virginia. The exciting Festival attracted more than 200 community residents…adults and children of all ages…and offered food, fun, and information about community resources.  The KRA/Resource table created a great deal of interest among Festival goers, including current program participants. KRA staff talked one-on-one with residents and distributed How May We Help You forms, KRA/Resource Workforce Center Application Packets, informational WIA brochures, and business cards. KRA staff also had the opportunity to meet-and-greet other vendors and make them aware of the KRA/Resource program and Center locations.  Staff are confident that many residents will be visiting the Centers to learn more about how the program can assist them in reaching their education, training, and employment goals.