CTWorks/KRA Team Flies to Finish Line

Kimberly Staley, KRA Program Manager, and Paul Gagne, KRA Job Developer, were members of the winning CTWorks Team that raised more than $1,300 for Connecticut’s Youth Employment Scholarship Program (YESP)! The race was part of the Hartford Marathon’s X-Treme Scramble Series. In addition to KRA staff, other CTWorks runners included representatives from Capital Workforce Partners (CWP), KRA’s client; the CT DOL; and Career TEAM. Ram Aberasturia, Hartford CTWorks Center Director and CWP Board Member, came up with the idea to enter the race to help build CTWorks camaraderie while at the same time, through the YESP, helping the region’s future workforce.

CTWorks is Connecticut’s state-wide One-Stop Career Center (OSCC) System. CWP, established under WIA, coordinates comprehensive workforce development programs, for adults and youth, through KRA and other contracted service providers.

CTWorks Team Members from KRA, CT DOL, CWP, and Career TEAM