KRA Monthly Spotlight!

The Spotlight! is once again shining brightly on the Power of Partnership!  Last month, we highlighted how KRA’s Workforce Development operations serve two customers simultaneously: jobseekers in need of career guidance, educational/occupational development, and job placement; and private, public, or non-profit partner organizations that provide jobseekers with valuable employment, training, and other skill-building opportunities.  In that light, this month’s Spotlight! is right on target. 

KRA’s Camden, New Jersey operation*, Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program,  has partnered with Gloucester County College to offer the nationally recognized Serv/Safe Food Safety Manager Training and Exam Program, a 16-hour certification course wherein enrolled customers attend 8 hours of classroom instruction and then dedicate 8 hours to at-home, self-directed study with the aid of a guide book.  Training curriculum covers many topics including maintaining a safe and healthy food-service environment, protecting against food-borne illnesses through time and temperature controls, and pest control, to name a few.  At the end of the second day of training, customers are eligible to take the Serv/Safe Certification Exam.

Camille Blair, KRA Career Agent, reported, “Partnership is critical to the success of our operation. First, there’s the partnership with our customers. We are their advocates and allies and ensure they are empowered to move successfully into the workforce.  Second, there’s our partnerships with local businesses, civic and social organizations, and institutions of higher education that provide customers with an incredible array of educational, training, and work experience opportunities and resources. Our new partnership with Gloucester County College affords our customers another advantage as they seek employment in this economy.  It is especially noteworthy that the training meets all State and Federal food laws and regulations, and customers who complete the training and pass the exam are nationally recognized Certified Food Safety Managers.  They will have career options in any industry where food safety is a priority…cafeterias and restaurants, catering businesses, daycare centers and schools, hotels, nursing homes…even ocean liners! KRA Camden is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity through Gloucester County College.”  

*KRA Camden operates four distinct programs for its jobseeker populations: (1) The Community Work Experience/Job Skills Training Program for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) participants; (2) the General Assistance Program for public-assistance recipients who do not have children in their care; (3) the Open-Entry Program for customers “under sanction”, i.e., without TANF benefits due to noncompliance; and (4) the Youth Employability and Success Program for Out-of-School Youth.