KRAchievers Exceed Fundraising Goal

One June 11, 2012, we reported that the KRAchievers team, an all-volunteer group from KRA’s Norfolk, Virginia VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program, supported the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Relay For Life campaign by hosting cook-outs on April 19th and May 31st  that raised almost $600 for the cause.  The KRAchievers have been active in ACS Relay for Life fundraising for many years, and through this year’s events have been able to surpass its goal of $1,500!  They will have a final tally after a local restaurant sends its check from a “Dining to Donate” event, for which they generously designated 20 percent of the proceeds for the KRAchievers’ Relay for Life campaign.

Between June 11th and the 15th, the KRAchievers sponsored a Car Painting event, in which they used Crayola wash-off paint on the windows of 20 cars to write a HATE CANCER? Join the FIGHT! message. Requesting a donation of $25, this clever fundraising idea netted $500! Then, over the June 23-24th weekend, the team participated in the annual ACS Relay for Life of Harbor Park event.  Andrea Burfoot, KRA Team Leader and KRAchievers Captain, along with Marcus Anthony, KRA Career Agent and team Co-Captain, planned the event to be one of epic proportions. Burfoot reported, “The Relay theme was red, white, and blue…and purple too! Sharon Morse [KRA/HR Partner], Kirk Houston [KRA Career Agent], and a ‘good Samaritan’ named Walter Henderson III, helped decorate our tent in what I can only call ‘all-American glory’, complete with American flags abounding.”

Burfoot continued, “The KRAchievers team went all out, with many fun activities… face painting and goldfish toss game…and goodies…sparkles, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, candy apples, and cake for the children.  We raised $82 by selling water balloons, the brainchild of Frederick Smith [KRA Instructor], and chilled Mt. Olive pickles, which the attendees thoroughly enjoyed as they walked along the Relay track.  As team captain, I truly feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that we exceeded our goal.  Next year our plan is to set our goal even higher!”

Kathy Confer, KRA Career Agent, stated,” This was certainly a successful year for us!” And, Houston, added, “This is truly a good work and certainly for a good cause.” Other KRAchievers who contribute to the success of the team’s fundraising events are Alisha Bazemore, KRA Program Manager; Timothy Carter, KRA Career Agent; Tiffany Haynes, KRA Instructor/team Secretary; Sheena Haynes, Instructor; Danya Lee, KRA Career Agent/team Photographer; and Roniko Richardson-Davis, KRA Career Agent Team Leader.

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