A KRA/Camden "FCR" Success Story

KRA’s January Spotlight! featured a new partnership—with international restaurant chain “FCR”— which, in less than 4 months expanded from KRA/Baltimore to three more TANF programs, including the  KRA/Camden [NJ] Workforce Development  Program, funded by the Camden County WIB.

Before its second FCR-exclusive Recruitment Fair, KRA/Baltimore created FCR Boot Camp, an innovative work-readiness model that has also been integrated into the other KRA/FCR programs.  Nigel Charles, KRA/Camden Instructor:  ” To prepare candidates for successfully navigating the FCR hiring process, our 2-day Boot Camp coaches them in how to research the company’s job openings, to anticipate ‘tough’ interview questions, to complete applications, etc.

The second day includes on-site interviewing, with FCR staff providing feedback to each candidate, identifying their unique areas in need of improvement, which for Jasmine Vega, 21, was not an issue.  She used her new Boot Camp knowledge and skills to full advantage, receiving, and accepting, an FCR job offer.  Jasmine related to me: ‘I am so excited about this job!  My daughter will be so proud of me!!  Also, the flexible work schedule will  allow me  to return and finish school.’

For Illustration Purposes Only

For Illustration Purposes Only

As KRA/Camden’s partnership with FCR evolves, we are excited about the expanded employment opportunities that will enable our TANF customers, like Jasmine, to achieve self-sufficiency.”