KRA Customer Overcomes Severe Barriers to Success

L-R: Atterbeary, Finkelstein, Abel, and Riggins

Atterbeary, Finkelstein, Abel, and Riggins

Visiting the KRA/San Diego Metro Region Career Centers, operated for the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Knowlton R. Atterbeary was accompanied by Jordan Finkelstein, Career Agent, on a tour of the Urban Barber College, owned by Jerry Riggins.

Following a haircut at Urban Cuts, also Riggins-owned, one of Finkelstein’s customers, Kwamane Abel, expressed a genuine interest in enrolling in the 9-month UBC course, which Finkelstein facilitated by securing eligibility approval; however, SDWP/ITA funds were temporarily unavailable.

In the interim, Abel got into trouble, was arrested, and sentenced to 30 days in jail, exacerbating Finkelstein’s efforts in supporting him to overcome existing workforce barriers, i.e., probation-status, following 2 years in prison, and 4 years of unemployment.

Abel and Finkelstein

Abel and Finkelstein

Since funding became available while Abel was still incarcerated, Finkelstein and Riggins made multiple trips to the jail with paperwork for him to sign, and then collaborated to schedule Abel’s UBC-training to begin 3 days after his release.

Through KRA/San Diego and its UBC partnership, Finkelstein and Riggins continue to support Abel, who after graduation, intends to take the California Barbering and Cosmetology licensing exam. Motivated by the amazing turnaround his life has taken, Abel also intends to have his own barbering business one day.

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