Thanksgiving Came Early for KRA/Camden Customers

The KRA Team of the Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program, funded by the Camden County Workforce Investment Board, surprised their customers who participate in the Pre-Employment & Digital Training Program with a pre-Thanksgiving Day feast on November 21, 2014.

Luncheon organizer, Deshia Fontenot, KRA Professional Development  Instructor, reported ,” These customers attend workshops here every Thursday and Friday to develop the work-readiness and job skills they need to obtain, and retain, employment.  We are working with 50 TANF and General Assistance recipients, and felt that some, because of challenging living situations, may not have a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving Day dinner.”

KRA/Camden staff eagerly volunteered donations of turkey and fish—as well as the trimmings, side dishes, beverages, and desserts—purchasing, preparing, and serving stuffing, macaroni/cheese, yams, potato salad, string beans, cabbage, rolls, cake, and  sweet potato pie!

Camden Food - 216 - 287

The customers truly appreciated the gesture, offering comments such as, “It was some of the best food I’ve ever had… the turkey was juicy!”; “The staff was courteous and kind, and served us with smiles!”; “Everything was ‘banging’!”; and “I really appreciate that the staff took time out to do this for us.”