New Home Leads to New Hope for KRA/Reno Customer

New to the region, and committed to finding a well-paying job, Johnathon entered the KRA American Job Center of Nevada (AJCN)—operated for NevadaWorks, Northern Nevada’s Workforce Board—on August 15, 2021. For Johnathon, preparing, looking, and finding employment in a new town was a daunting endeavor.

However, determined to succeed in providing financial stability for himself and his son as quickly as possible, he was relieved when greeted by AJCN staff, eager to assist and provide a “tour” of all the available services.

One such service was full access to the Resource Center, in which Johnathon spent hours, working one-on-one with staff members to research opportunities, build a resume, and create a profile on a jobseeker-employer website managed by co-located AJCN partner, the Department of Education, Training and Rehabilitation.

Targeting employers whose requirements best matched his Project Oversight and Training experience paid off when, within a week of daily visits, Jonathan received firm job offers from two of Northern Nevada’s industry leaders—Amazon and Tesla.

The relief Johnathon felt from receiving offers so quickly was exhilarating, and he accepted a Shipping position with Tesla Gigafactory—which in a short period of time, resulted in a promotion to Shipping and Receiving Manager.

One day, soon after starting the job, Johnathon returned to the AJCN to express his gratitude, stating, “The staff at the AJCN is the most interactive and involved staff that I have ever seen at any similar place.  Without the AJCN, I wouldn’t have had the resources to apply for my new position; it’s a wonderful place.” Johnathon shared that, he is “excited to share his experience at the AJCN with his friends and family”, an excitement genuinely shared by the KRA/Reno team!

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