KRA/San Diego Provides Hiring Solutions for Balboa International Group

Mr. Hamed Seyedi, Business Services Representative, San Diego Metro Region American Job Center–operated by KRA for the San Diego Workforce Partnership–reported, “Some Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) participants have difficulty finding work because of  language barriers.  So, I started contacting local businesses, one of which was Balboa International Group, that serve the needs of our international communities.

ESE Coordinator, Deona Dorsey, commented , “Balboa was extremely receptive to a Business Services  partnership, and the screening and referral process progressed quickly.  Of the first 15 ESE candidates referred, 10 were hired, with four pending hire.”

According to Hamed, “Currently, Balboa relies on KRA/San Diego and ESE for most of its hiring needs at Balboa International Market, as well as a Balboa-owned restaurant, Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine.  Staff are often cross trained to work at either establishment, which enhances participants’ skill sets.  We are very excited that our relationship will be expanded soon to include other Balboa businesses throughout San Diego.”

San Diego - Balboa Inside - 594x182Farhan Heidar, Balboa General Manager, stated,  “Working with KRA and the ESE team has brought tremendous value to our business. The professionalism and the attention paid to the details of our requirements are the cornerstones of this partnership.  I look forward to expanding our relationship beyond the ESE program in the future.”