KRA/PGWorks Customer is Stylin' Again!

When the salon—that had been her home-away-from-home since the age of 24—closed, Delisha Miller’s world was turned upside-down.  At 44, with 4 children, naturally her first question focused on how she was going to support her family?

Delisha found her answer at the PGWorks Employment and Training Program, KRA-operated for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.  Career Agent LaCresha Jones reported, ” When I met with Delisha, despite her situation, she had a positive attitude, drive, and an updated resume—valuable tools for successful job-hunting!”

Immediately, they got to work on enhancing Delisha’s resume, job-search strategies, and interviewing skills.  LaCresha also suggested that Delisha compile a portfolio of her work to take to interviews.  After all, what Stylist doesn’t have pictures of her best “coif” creations?

It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen within 2 weeks, when Delisha was offered a Hair Stylist position with a local salon and spa!  LaCresha concluded, “Delisha is very happy to be employed again, and thanked me for my guidance.  She believes that everything happens for a reason, and that you’re never too old to start over.”

Hair Stylist