KRA Uses Federal Bonding Program to Facilitate Ex-Offenders’ Employment

KRA Corporation uses a valuable tool to get jobseeker-customers with troubled backgrounds into fulltime employment: the Federal Bonding Program (FBP).  One example is illustrated by the Norfolk KRA/VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program.

“Elijah” enrolled in KRA/VIEW in March 2013, and in March 2014, gained fulltime employment.  Why did this placement take so long? Neither lack of a high-school credential nor a weak work history was the cause. So, what was the reason?  Elijah was an ex-offender.

Following graduation from the KRA/VIEW Job Readiness Academy, a Career Agent (CA), referred Elijah for a job opportunity; he was rejected.  Through another KRA/VIEW resource—unsubsidized Community Work Experience—the CA referred Elijah for a volunteer position; he was accepted.

The CA worked diligently to enhance Elijah’s employability with an Employment Specialist, who commented, “The employer reported that Elijah worked hard, had excellent attendance and punctuality, but they could not hire him because of his background.”

So, through the VA Department of Corrections, they applied to the FBP for a Fidelity Bond that would “guarantee” Elijah’s honesty for the first 6 months of employment.

The Federal Bonding Program - A USDOL Initiative

KRA presented the Bond to the employer, and after almost a year of volunteering, Elijah was hired permanently.