KRA Monthly Spotlight!

This month’s Spotlight! concludes a series on the power of the General Education Development (GED®®) certificate, and the value it holds for KRA Corporation customers who were unable to complete high school.

The new 2014 GED® Program affords non-graduate jobseekers a second chance to obtain that coveted high-school credential, which has proven to facilitate access to increased job placement, earning power, and college admission opportunities.

GED® attainment is critical to the success of many of our customers, thus all KRA programs offer GED® Preparation Workshops; several operate their own, while others offer “refer-and-follow-up” service with valued community-education partners.

One example of a KRA program is offered through the VIEW (Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare) Program in Norfolk. GED® classes cover five major content areas: Social Studies, Science, Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. And, since the new program is entirely computer-based, VIEW incorporates instruction on using computers into the curriculum, increasing customers’ comfort level with computer-based learning and testing.

KRA Corporation

Another KRA operation, in Camden [NJ], offers GED® preparation, specifically for our Out-of-School Youth Program participants. Though still an optional resource, young customers are fully informed that a high-school credential is mandatory to pursue KRA vocational training that provides certification, a credential that can lead to “in-demand” occupations in high-growth industry sectors.

KRA appreciates the cooperation of all its community partners in the provision of this critical GED® service, expanding our ability to continue our mission of preparing jobseekers for today’s global economy and supplying employers with a trained and reliable workforce.