KRA Supports Supply-Chain Management Businesses

Cargo ships transport 90% of the world’s commodities, raw and in-process materials, and finished goods, with Port of Los Angeles and adjacent Port of Long Beach comprising the sixth busiest seaport in the world!

Long Beach - SCM - 1300x1000Successful port operations spin-off career opportunities in Supply Chain Management, a kind of “super industry” that supports other business sectors, including industrial and systems engineering, IT, logistics, operations management, procurement, warehousing, and dozens more.

Through the Pacific Gateway WDB, in partnership with the City of Long Beach, 14 KRA Knowledge2Career (K2C) Academy students have completed training in Customer Service Operations, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Principles, and Warehousing Operations through a KRA, Long Beach City College, and LINCS (Leveraging, Integrating, Networking, Coordinating Supplies) collaborative partnership.

With five graduates already placed with local employers, recently, Veda Jackson, Education and Training Navigator, attended the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ 6th Annual PortTechEXPO, introducing potential employers to KRA/K2C as an effective hiring source for reliable, SCM-trained workers.

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