KRA Students Mean Business!

KRA has enrolled 20 Granby High School students from its Portsmouth YES (Youth Employability and Success) program in the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial Program, which runs from February 1 through May 10, 2011. To learn about the pros and cons of business ownership and management, the students will be hands-on in creating business plans and mission and vision statements,  conducting consumer surveys, and researching product lines. As part of the start-up process, students chose a name… United Leaders Foundation…for their enterprise,  sold 75 stock certificates for $2.00 each to generate revenue, and selected company officers, including a President and five Vice Presidents for critical business functions…Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations, Production, and Finance. Other students will assume roles as non-officer employees to assist in operating the business. So far the research stage has yielded headphones/earphones, hats, t-shirts, and backpacks as potential products to sell, with the cooperation of the school store. Future articles will provide updates on the students’ progress with their entrepreneurial venture.