KRA CTWorks Customer Success

KRA would like nothing better than to report every customer success story. Since that is neither possible nor practical, frequently we do report on truly inspiring and motivational successes experienced by one of our participants. KRA’s CTWorks’ staff provided their customary level of great service in helping a WIA (Workforce Investment Act) dislocated-worker to advance his skills after he lost his job due to a plant closing. First, staff provided him with effective educational assistance and funding, the result of which was enrollment at Central Connecticut State University’s (CCSU) Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD). The participant reported that he was extremely pleased with the instructors and training programs, the CTWorks staff who helped make it happen, and especially the end result…a great job as a Production Planner with a local manufacturer of aircraft parts and systems. He stated, “It is clear to me that the guidance and training I received through CTWorks and ICCSU were instrumental in my landing a new position. I was able to interview…with a new set of skills and a positive attitude, and I was offered a position after being unemployed for 5 months. Considering the unemployment rate, I think I was lucky. Lucky or not, I was a more qualified candidate for my current position because of CTWorks and CCSU-ITBD, and the help and support of their good people.”