KRA "Snaps Up" Another Great Customer!

Benefit recipients of Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—formerly the “Food Stamp Program”—qualify for the PGWorks Employment and Training Program, operated by KRA Corporation for the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services.

A Sociology degree and 8+ years’ Customer Service experience did not shield Lamar Childers from unemployment, when the entire staff of a DC agency was laid off.  “Thirteen months of job-hunting, and lapsed unemployment benefits, led me to SNAP and to KRA”, Lamar said.

Career Agent Ashelley Wilder, herself a former KRA customer, reported, “I empathized with Lamar’s situation, and worked with him on a Career Pathway Plan I knew would expose him to viable job opportunities.  But, I didn’t know where that path would lead.  Lamar interviewed, and was hired, for a Career Agent position with KRA’s TANF Employment Program in DC!”

KRA Career Agent Lamar Childers

KRA Career Agent Lamar Childers

 When given a gift card, an incentive for ex-SNAP customers who complete 2 weeks on the job, Lamar commented, “Although much appreciated, I don’t need a material incentive to keep me working, especially for KRA and Ms. Wilder as a valued colleague.  My motivation is internal, working to ‘give back’ to my customers the quality of care and service she gave to me.”